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 Welcome to the homepage of the Atlantic Ocean Carbon Synthesis Group

One of the five major objectives of the EU CARBOOCEAN IP is the quantification of decadal-to-centennial large-scale Atlantic and Southern Ocean carbon inventory changes. Operationally this implies a need to quantify: “the Atlantic and Southern Ocean carbon sink, and its decadal change, through highest accuracy measurement of the changing inventories of inorganic carbon and carbon-related tracers. Atlantic and Southern Ocean data would then be integrated into a coherent global data base. The ability of prognostic models to represent the observed changes for a reliable now-cast would be assessed against the data-based syntheses.” The science delivery associated with this objective is “a large scale assessment of the ocean carbon storage”.

Over the last three years the number of cruises included in the CARINA collection has increased by a factor of 4 and this growth continues as new cruises are added, additional parameters appended to existing cruises and various edits incorporated. One key feature of the collection is that the various data are in the same units (WOCE standard) and that the formats are comparable (comma separated ascii files with a one line header). All of the common parameters from each cruise have been subjected to 1st level quality control procedures (flag assignment) developed during WOCE. Until these processes are completed, end users should be aware that all individual cruise data are subject to change and that these changes will not be individually listed other than in the date stamp for the various files. CARINA working groups are now beginning 2nd level quality control procedures similar to those used for GLODAP to assure internal data consistency. Once this is completed a merged data product will be produced and made public.

The activity is supported by CARBOOCEAN IP and the International Ocean Carbon Coodination Project.




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